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Top Tech offers you software that would make storage of all your heavy catalogue software immensely light, allowing you more space for your documents. It is a plugin of Adobe Lightroom which is a software used essentially for photography processing.

TopTechPhoto space allows you to prevent excessive hard-drive clogging by letting you store your Lightroom catalog contents in the network – FTP, local network server or even Dropbox. You can also access the plugin functionality to allocate your catalog images amidst other users, along with perform changes on the content whenever you want.

The basic function of the plugin is to let you put copies of your work onto your network server (Dropbox, FTP, sFTP, samba), after which you are free to delete them from your local, central hard drive. The software recommends that you generate a 1.1 preview before deleting all of your original copies to ensure that the data has been successfully transferred.

The plugin enables you to have easy access to your image, if and when you ever need to edit your work. You can simply just check it out from the remote storage (Dropbox, FTP or network server) to your local disk, make your changes and then put it back into the storage, you can always share the storage space between several different computers as well in order to keep your Lightroom catalogs in sync and updated.

The perks of TopTechPhoto include its functionality, which enables users to share photographs the moment they have been snapped, along with edited changes made by someone other than the photographer. This plugin also lets you to just keep previews of your work onto your computer, freeing up a significant amount of drive space in effect, drastically improving Adobe Lightroom’s general catalog performance.

This plugin has proven itself to be incredibly useful for photographers on the go. As traveling photographer usually uses laptops to store their work on, they get a minimal amount of hard-drive space which can be extremely frustrating them, especially when working with a lot of images, which slow the system down. As a regular picture taken by any modern digital camera weigh 20 megabytes and more at the most, a photographer’s library often ends up taking almost all of the hard drive space on his laptop.

Most photographers have taken to using external hard drives, which are difficult to manage, heavy, prone to corruption or memory loss, which can end up in disaster for the photographer. By keeping such devices, they are only slowing themselves down, reducing the production capacity for their work, along with these measures being costly, unreliable and complex which are major thorns in the pathway of creativity.
The use of TopTechPhoto plugin would ease up the workflow of a photographer, through speeding up his process, enabling storage for raw camera shots, which the photographer can check out for instant editing and check in after he is done, having no effect on the hard drive storage space whatsoever.
The best part is, the software is absolutely partially free, so you can use it, check out the way incredible way it speeds up your process, and then come back for more.

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