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This plugin allows you to have a little more privacy for your pictures than Lightroom provides. Sometimes you can have pictures that you don’t want to show others. This plugin allows doing such a thing – it hides pictures that you marked as sensitive from Lightroom gallery.

The base functionality of the plugin is to hide the pictures that you marked as sensitive. To do that there is a new metadata setting is available under metadata lightroom pane – ‘Sensitive content’. It has three different options – Not set, Yes or No. Only in case if you chose ‘Yes’ the particular picture will be hidden.

Because the plugin allows you to hide something its settings are under password protection. During plugin configuration you’re set a password that will open an access to your hidden photos and plugin settings in the future.

The main performers of the plugin are two operations available right from Lightroom Library menu. The first is Lock – that replaces with black square all the previews of the photos that has Sensitive content ‘Yes’ mark. The next one is opposite – Unlock. This one brings the content back, BUT only after you type the right password.

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